Ekbatan Gas Control Company, affiliated to Oil Industry Investment Company (Public Joint Stock), which is presently known as one of the greatest producers of safety, regulating and gauge equipment of urban gas in Iran and in the Middle East, launched its activity in 1983 by designing and manufacturing urban gas regulators to get engaged in producing oil and gas equipment aiming at realization of national macro goals and plans in parallel with establishment and development of the nationwide gas supply network aiming at self-sufficiency and cutoff of the national dependency in the field of equipment needed by the National Iranian Gas Company, provincial gas companies and natural gas subscribers. 

Relying on its great experience, expert forces and great facilities, this Company has managed to achieve valuable achievements in localization, innovation and constant development and improvement of equipment and  parts used in oil and gas industry to realize internal expectations and demands. 

Presently, designing and producing types of natural gas regulations with capacities of 5-160 m3 per hour and urban gas meters made of steel and aluminum are conducted at this Industrial Plant. 

Thanks to great diligence of government to regulate energy consumption and due to dire need of nation of renovation of natural gas metering equipment as well as necessity for precise control and management of national gas subscriptions and benefiting from modern and updated technologies, this Company has managed to design and produce smart meters and automated meter reading (AMR) of urban gas and it has included the production and localization of the new generation of gas meters known as “Ultrasonic Meters (UGM) in its plan accordingly. 

Besides producing safety, regulation and gauge equipment and products of urban gas, Ekbatan Gas Control Company has paid special attention to the concept of test and calibration of these products as well. The fruit of this close attention was the new generation of gas meters and regulators test and calibration equipment produced to be used in quality control laboratories test and calibration centers of gas gauge equipment and exclusive production of portable test devise of urban gas meter to test and to detect the errors with gas subscribers’ meters in place and at the residence of the subscribers. 

Thanks to its great capacity and potential competence in producing دایسکتی parts  and machine work and assembly lines and besides producing the equipment needed at oil and gas industries of the nation, this Company has joined the group of automotive parts manufacturers since 2004. Presently, a wide range of parts are produced and offered at this industrial plant for great automobile manufacturing companies across the nation. 



Vendor List of National Iranian Gas Company 

Vendor List of National Gas Company of Turkmenistan

Iranian Association of Manufacturers of Oil Industry Equipment (ASTANSA) 

Iranian Association of Manufacturers of Automotive parts and Sets  

North America Die Cast Association (NADCA) 

Iranian Die Cast Association (IDCA) 

Commercial Council of Iran and Kazakhstan

Iran & Italy Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines 

Hamedan Province Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture 

Hamedan Province Association of Knowledge-based Companies 


Certificates and Confirmations 

Certificate of membership of Vendor List of National Iranian Gas Company 

Certificate of R & D Unit issued by I.R. Iran Ministry of Industry, Mine and Trade 

Certificate of competency of Associate Laboratory issued by National Iranian Standard Organization 

Permit for Application of Commendation Standard Mark issued by National Iranian Standard Organization

Certificate of Quality Management System 9001:2015 ISO 

Certificate of Quality Management System in Oil and Gas Industries: 29001:2010 ISO/TS 

Certificate of Environmental Management System 14001:2004 ISO 

Certificate of Safety Management and Occupational and Professional Health Standard 18001:2007 OHSAS

Grade “B” Certificate of SAIPA Motor, Gearbox and Excel Mfg. Company (MEGA MOTOR) 


Strategic Customers 

National Iranian Gas Company and affiliated provincial companies 

SAIPA Motor, Gearbox and Excel Mfg. Company (Mega Motor) 

Iran Khodro Automotive Parts Supply and Engineering Design Co (SAPCO) 

SAIPA Yadak Company (SAIPA After-sale Services) 


    Oil and gas industries equipment 

    Urban gas regulators- 6 m3 

    Urban gas regulators- 10 m3 

    Urban gas regulators- 25 m3 

    Urban gas regulators- 40 m3 

    Urban gas regulators- 65 m3 

    Urban gas regulators- 100 m3 

    Urban gas regulators- 160 m3

    Urban gas regulators- 160 m3 (2 pounds) 

    Diaphragm type gas meter- 4 G- made of steel 

    Diaphragm type gas meter- 4 G- made of Aluminum 

    Anti-manipulative urban gas meter- 4 STE-G

    Automated Meter Reading (AMR) 

    Ultrasonic gas meter (UGM) 

    Urban Gas Meter Test and Calibration Device (Bell Prover) 

    Urban Gas Meter Regulator Test and Calibration Device 

    Urban Gas Meter Portable Test Device 


    Automotive parts and sets 

    Cylinder head cap for Pride 

    Thermostat head cap for Pride 

    Steering wheel trunk for Pride  

    Steering wheel trunk   for Peugeot 

    CNG regulator of hybrid vehicles 

    Tank base of hybrid vehicles: پایه مخزن 

    CNG tank cover 

    Cam Bearing for Tiba 

    Water pump enclosure 7 EF 




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