Jooy Gostar Company, Private Joint Stock, was established in 2000 through investment by Oil Industry Investment Company and partnership of Water and Wastewater Companies of Esfahan and Tehran Province on one plot of land that covers an area of 30000 m² located at the 2-km of Ardestan County and launched its activity to get engaged in production of types of sewage double shell polyethylene pipes of spiral and cover-gate types and polymeric sheets. This Company was among the first producers of sewage double shell polyethylene pipes  that started its activity by producing spiral pipes of 200-2000 mm in diameter and cover-gate pipes of 200-600 mm in diameter, benefiting from its expert and committed human resources. 


 Pivotal Values of the Organization 

The value principles and rules of Jooy Gostar Company are given as follows: 

Customer satisfaction 



Sense of responsibility 




You may follow the statement of value of Jooy Gostar Naft Company as follows: 

Maintaining and respecting the customers as vital vessels of the Company 

Full and multilateral observance of all technical and national standards, bylaws and rules 

Promotion of production by benefiting from creativity, innovation and updated and modern technology 

Maintaining the quality as distinguished index of the organization 

Growth and elevation based meritocracy 

Moving toward the organizational excellence by indentifying and monitoring the tangible and evidence-based results in all organizational aspects 


Statement of Mission of Jooy Gostar Naft Company 

Jooy Gostar Naft Company is the produce of single and double pipes for water, wastewater and agricultural consumptions used by top and prominent contractors and executives in the nation and in the region for employment and materialization of the national demands for import of these goods and value creation for the beneficiaries by offering and producing the respective products of the highest quality and an affordable price with the least period compared to similar items. 


Organizational Mission 

Aiming at creation of value for shareholders, customers and personnel and by relying on its unique geographical situation, development potentials, capable human resources, its innovation, top technology and valid brand, Jooy Gostar Naft Company tries utmost to offer the products and services of distinguished quality to national and regional markets. 


Types of single shell polyethylene pipes for water supply- 16-125 mm in size 
Double shell polyethylene pipes of cover-gate type- 200-300 mm in size
Double shell polyethylene pipes of spiral type- 200-2000 mm in size 
Irrigation strips 



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