Oil Industry Investment Company

  Today: 1395/12/2   -    2017/02/20  

Queshm Oil Investment Co.          OWJ Fuel Supply and Airport Services Co         NIKNAFT Trading Co.         Oil Industrial Drilling Services Co          Ekbatan Gas Control Co         Rahgostar Naft Co         NaftGostar Chemical Co         Jooygostar Naft Co

Oil Industry Investment Company

Introducing the Company

Oil Industry Investment Company is a public joint stock corporation the major shareholder of which is the Oil Pension Fund Investment Company (OPIC). The staff and pensioners of national oil industry form another main portion of company shareholders. Main activity of Oil Industry Investment Company includes investment in the companies, complexes and production, industrial, commercial, service, and cultural projects in order to establish, to startup and to participate in the development of such units.

Fields of Activity: Storage, fuel supply, commerce, drilling services, road building and construction services, production of chemical/products/parts

Fields of Activity:

  • Storage
    • Queshm Oil Investment Co.
  • fuel supply
    • OWJ Fuel Supply and Airport Services Co
  • Trading
    • NIKNAFT Trading Co.
    • Petrocom kish
      • Petrocom Limited.
  • Drilling services
    • Oil Industrial Drilling Services Co
  • road building and  construction services
    • Rahgostar Naft Co
  • production of chemical materials/products/parts
    • Ekbatan Gas Control Co
    • NaftGostar Chemical Co
    • Jooygostar Naft Co